Missio Dei Community

Easter Brunch

Come join us to celebrate Easter together over brunch at Harvey West Park.

You’re also welcome to join us if you’d like beforehand to talk about Easter, resurrection, and what it means today.

9:30-10:15 – Village Gathering
Come have some Noah’s Bagels and coffee before brunch.
We’ll be looking at scriptures, discussing Easter and the Resurrection, and reading some of Matthew to see how the Resurrection impacts the teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount.

There will be activities and learning for the kids at the same time.

10:30 – Kids Easter Egg Hunt!!
We’ll have an Easter Egg hunt for all the kidlets at 10:30, so if you have some little one’s be sure to come and let em find some treats. We’ll be hiding stuff in and around the clubhouse for them to hunt down.

11:00ish – BRUNCH!
Let’s celebrate the day by eating together.
We’ll be providing all the food…quiche, ham, waffles (at least we’re working on having all those things there!) and whatever else we can conjure up. We’ll be finishing the cooking while the kids hunt, so when it’s ready we’ll eat. If you have special food requests, let it be known, but no guarantees!

Sometime later – Adult Egg Hunt!
We’re working on the idea of throwing together a fun Egg Hunt for the adults, too. Still not sure what all it will look like, but why should the kid’s get all the fun!

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