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Easter Brunch 2013

Join us this Easter for some good times with good people and good discussion around scripture.
We’re gonna start with an egg hunt for the kids, have some good grub together, our annual egg hunt for the adults (12 & over? Oh, and it includes some gift cards and a 20 spot in the golden egg), and some discussion about our spiritual journeys and why Easter is important to those of us who are Christ followers.
Here’s the plan:

9:30 am: Kid’s egg hunt
10:00ish am: Brunch
11:00ish am: Adult egg hunt
11:30ish am: Scripture discussion (Kids have their own craft/Easter story time)
12:15ish: See ya!

For our scripture discussion, please don’t feel like you have to contribute if you aren’t comfortable with that or let that discourage you from being a part.  It will be a relaxed time for us to look at a passage of scripture and reflect upon the resurrection and it’s effect of our lives, regardless of where you are at in regard to your faith journey.  We’d love you to join us and you’re welcome to hang out and just take it all in.

We’d love for you to join us for the whole morning, but feel free to come a little late or leave a little early if you need to.
It’ll be a great morning of being family and celebrating together.  All are welcome!
Hope you can join us!
Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or wanna let us know you’re coming.

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