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Meet Angel

Brent Phillips is on staff at Cherish Uganda.  He just took over as CEO and is a friend of a friend which is how we connected with Cherish.
I saw this post on his family’s Facebook page and wanted to share it with you.
The update is from April of this year…


We received a call two Friday’s ago asking if we could take Angel into our care. “If Cherish doesn’t take her she won’t live through the weekend.” After some intensive care by our medical staff and Clinical Caregivers she is now in the arms of our on-site mothers here at Cherish. The smile you are seeing in this photo was the first smile any of our staff had ever seen from her. God is redeeming her!

That’s the work that Cherish Uganda is doing.
Giving life to kids both physically and spiritually.
That is what we are excited about.
So excited we get to meet Angel really soon.

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