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Such a great day today. We started with a tour of the Cherish Uganda facilities. The picture above is the team in front of a couple hundred chickens they have. We are supposedly here during the dry season, yet it poured rain on us for a couple hours throughout the tour.


Along the way we asked lots of questions and learned a lot about the ministry. I wouldn’t even know where to begin sharing all the amazing things that are being done through this ministry and some of the stories we heard. We were able to see the homes, school, farm, and clinic. Crazy getting an idea just how in need the kids, families, and villages are. Above is a shot of the front of the hospital being built. It becomes even clearer what a need it is when we hear how horrible the health care is and how corrupt the government is.


We followed owed up with an orientation, learning a bit more about HIV, Cherish, and the country of Uganda.  We talked about how we would be helping out each day and the primary importance of encouraging, loving on, and building relationships with the staff and kids this week.

Today is a national holiday with the end of Ramadan, so with all the kids out of school we had a movie afternoon where we met all the kids, and then got to take 2 of the homes off campus for a pizza dinner. Such a fun night getting to know some of the Cherish village moms and playing with the kids, and a huge treat for them to get out.

There is so much more than we can share in a blogpost right now, and I can already tell we have much more mind blowing week ahead of us.

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