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Last night after we left Cherish, our hosts, Brent & Leah, received a phone call. 2 weeks ago they received Susan who was being cared for by another ministry and before that a village, but her medical condition has worsened and they weren’t equipped to handle it.

She spent one night at Akaloosa Village (Cherish Uganda) and then had to be admitted to the hospital. She has been there for the past 2 weeks with a mama or auntie from Cherish by her side. After only that 1 night here, she kept saying she wanted to go back to Akaloosa.

Last nights call was to say she wasn’t doing well at all. 3 of the staff, including Leah, went to the hospital and were by her side when she passed on this morning at 4:15am. She was 7 years old. Brent shared the news at staff devotions this morning. He pointed out that there are lots of questions that only God can answer. Why did she get such a short time with Cherish? Could they have done more if she’d come earlier. If nothing else, she spent the last few weeks surrounded by Christ’s love and finished the race with dignity.

This is only the 2nd child they have lost in 7 years. That is unheard of here. But it’s still difficult. For our team to experience this loss with them is moving and a sobering reminder. Not only a reminder of the gift of life, but of the gravity of the ministry being done here. We are again so grateful to have a part with this ministry and to be on this journey here.

Please join us in praying for the Cherish Uganda kids, staff, and Susan’s family in the coming weeks. We didn’t get to meet her, but she has deeply imprinted our hearts. Life is a gift. Live it well today.

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