Missio Dei Community

JESUS is the Word of God, the Christ the Son of the living God.  He was born of a virgin, lived a flawless life, died on the cross, and triumphantly rose from true death to true life.  He now sits in glory at the right hand of the throne of the Father, ruling over all.  His life, work, death, and resurrection reconnect men and women to their created worshipful relationship with God.  By the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we are afforded full life now and forever life with God.

THE BIBLE is an authoritative narrative of God and his people, and it helps us to translate and understand who God is.  It is completely true in everything it intends to teach.  It is also a book of questions inviting us into a closer relationship with our creator as we engage with it.  The sacred text carries a dual authorship – a human instrument inspired by God.  The Bible is not simply a book which has recorded what God has said, but it is also a relevant communication of what God is saying.

OUR MISSION as followers of Christ is to love God and to serve him by loving others.  We do this through the rhythms of communion, community, and compassion.  We commune with God by the study of the sacred text, through prayer, and through creative expressions of worship.  We enjoy community with friends, co-workers and family by living life together and enjoying each other.  We serve God through compassionately caring for people in need, seeking justice in our world, partnering with God to bring more of heaven to earth, and speaking the hope filled truth of Jesus.

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