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Video Recap

For The Hub this past Sunday I threw together some photos with some music to give everyone a glimpse of the week as we started our gathering. Being that we got into town early that morning, I had to throw it together pretty quick. Since then I went back and fixed the focus on a […]

Storytime @ The Hub

This coming Sunday we restart up our bi-weekly gathering we call The Hub. And we’ll be sharing stories and celebrating the time we got to spend in Uganda. We’re excited to share more about the amazing ministry being done at Cherish Uganda. Click here to see the Facebook event. We’ll be having some African Tea […]

Where Did The Week Go?

Today we said goodbye to Cherish Uganda. There were lots of tear filled eyes as we did so. We will spend a couple days seeing a little more of Uganda before heading back to the states. But in so many ways this journey has been so much more than we ever could have hoped for. […]


During this past Christmas season, as part of Advent Conspiracy, we invited people to celebrate Christ’s birthday by giving him our first gift. We did that by collecting money for Cherish Uganda, encouraging people to give at least as much as the most expensive gift they were getting, in an effort to buy stoves for […]


Last night after we left Cherish, our hosts, Brent & Leah, received a phone call. 2 weeks ago they received Susan who was being cared for by another ministry and before that a village, but her medical condition has worsened and they weren’t equipped to handle it. She spent one night at Akaloosa Village (Cherish […]


It’s Wednesday morning in Africa, and our whole team woke up with our bodies screaming at us. Yesterday we all worked in different positions around the property – harvesting bananas, spending hours preparing those for meals, working in kitchens, hoeing on the farm, cutting up fallen banana trees, hand washing loads of laundry, cleaning up […]


Such a great day today. We started with a tour of the Cherish Uganda facilities. The picture above is the team in front of a couple hundred chickens they have. We are supposedly here during the dry season, yet it poured rain on us for a couple hours throughout the tour. Along the way we […]

Uganda Church

After lots of flying the team finally arrived in Entebbe yesterday, a bit tired but ready to roll. As soon as we walked out the airport it started raining. And then pouring as a couple of us strapped the luggage to the roof. This is the dry season and Brent from Cherish said in 4 […]

Meet Angel

Brent Phillips is on staff at Cherish Uganda.  He just took over as CEO and is a friend of a friend which is how we connected with Cherish. I saw this post on his family’s Facebook page and wanted to share it with you. The update is from April of this year… We received a […]


Hello! Welcome to our journey to Cherish Uganda. Last Sunday, the 6 of us from Missio Dei Community in that shot above had our final meeting to prepare for a trip to visit and work with a ministry partner of ours in Africa, Cherish Uganda. We’ll try to post regularly here about the trip to […]