Missio Dei Community


2015 Year In Review

As we near the celebration of God coming to us and can see the end of the calendar year in sight, it provides one of several good opportunities to stop and reflect on where we have been and what God has done over these past 12 months or so. As a young community of faith […]

Who We Want To Be

Every so often we meet at The Boys & Girls club for what we call The Hub.  This fall we will be doing so once a month to celebrate, connect, pray, and eat. When we got together a few weeks ago we talked about who we are and where we’re going. To frame that conversation […]

Meet Angel

Brent Phillips is on staff at Cherish Uganda.  He just took over as CEO and is a friend of a friend which is how we connected with Cherish. I saw this post on his family’s Facebook page and wanted to share it with you. The update is from April of this year… We received a […]


Hello! Welcome to our journey to Cherish Uganda. Last Sunday, the 6 of us from Missio Dei Community in that shot above had our final meeting to prepare for a trip to visit and work with a ministry partner of ours in Africa, Cherish Uganda. We’ll try to post regularly here about the trip to […]

God & Religion

The past month or so we’ve started going through some materials called Animate FAITH in our Village environment. Each week there is a short 10 minute video introducing an idea and stirring up some questions. Each week the thought is brought by a different leader in the Christian Faith. We’ve had a solid group getting […]

Art & Soul – Recap

For the past 5 months, Missio Dei Community has been hosting a monthly “Spiritual Conversation.”  It’s been a monthly opportunity to get together to discuss issues of life and spirituality and wehre the 2 intersect.  We’ve discussed topics such as homelessness (definitely more to come on that really soon!), holistic health, social media/connectivity, and most […]

Evergreen Cemetery

In January we spent our second MLK Day in a row helping to clean up at Evergreen Cemetery in Santa Cruz.  It’s owned by the Museum of Art & History, and along with the city, they have been working to clean it up in order to hold events there and share about the history of […]

Holistic Health Conversation

Each month Missio Dei Community is hosting a Spiritual Conversation.  The idea is to invite each other into a deeper conversation about things that effect our everyday lives and how they impact our spiritual journeys.  It’s a great way to foster discussion and hopefully begin conversations about faith that can continue on into our regular […]


Over the next several months as we gather for our communion times where we focus on our oneness with God, we are talking about our values and scriptures that highlight their importance.  So a few weeks ago as we gathered, we started with processing transformation together. There’s a great passage in 1 John that says: […]

Who’s In?

A common question people will ask me about Missio Dei Community is, “how many people are in your group?” Often times, I’m not quite sure how to answer that. And it’s not because I’m embarrassed, or because I want to inflate numbers, or because I’m trying to decide whether or not to count kids. It’s […]