Missio Dei Community

Our rhythms are the practices that our community revolves around.


We get together regularly to study God’s revelation to us through his sacred text, the Bible.  We spend time discussing the implications of text in our daily lives, we pray with and for each other, and we on occasion we even sing together.  We also take time to share bread and wine together as a multi-sensory experience left behind by Jesus to remember his death.


Honestly, we love getting together to party and just enjoy each others company.  Sometimes that means BBQs at local parks, Oktoberfest parties at our homes, or getting together for a fun community event.


We want to live as missionaries in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and families, every day sharing God’s love by caring for and meeting the needs of others.  We value doing this together.  This can take the form of helping neighbors with their yards, beautifying our community by caring for creation, or partnering with organizations already doing things that matter to God to better our community and bring healing in the world.

Learn more about our core beliefs that lay the foundation for our vision, values, and rhythms.