Missio Dei Community


We are all “scattered” throughout the week at our different jobs, homes, and neighborhoods, so we value finding opportunities to gather together as a community.  Our regular gatherings, our villages, consist revolve around the rhythms of communion, community, and compassion.

Beyond this, we try to connect one on one and in small groups organically throughout the week to eat together, discuss scripture together, pray with and for each other, and help each other out.


We get together to share how scripture is shaping us and discuss life, faith, and mission as a community.  These gatherings keep us pursuing spirituality and Christ in our own lives and help shape the always fluid future of what our community looks like.

We currently have one village with a vision/desire to multiply into more communities in the future.  We usually meet in Watsonville, near Watsonville High School.  If you are interested in learning more and joining us, please contact bobby@missiodeisantacruz.org.


At least once a month we like to have a fun planned activity that pulls us all together to enjoy one another.  Sometimes these are more organized events while other times they are get togethers that we plan on the side and range from game nights to potlucks to super bowl parties, etc.

If you are interested in learning more and joining us, please contact bobby@missiodeisantacruz.org.


We are always looking for opportunities to help out our family, friends, and neighbors, as well as getting out and serving in our community.  We have spent time partnering with Santa Cruz City, the Museum of Art & History, and Homeless Services Center to help beautify Evergreen Cemetery in order to reestablish it as a place to share the rich history of Santa Cruz.  We have worked with the Boys & Girls Club, Jacob’s Heart, Santa Cruz AIDS Project, and Homeless Garden Project.

And of course we love to help each other out with meals when a baby is born or a loved one passes away or lending a hand when a friend is moving.

Come join us sometime as we do our best to meet some tangible needs that Jesus cares about.