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A Collective Church Response To Madyson Middleton & the Tragedy at The Tannery Arts Community

This past week our communities of Santa Cruz county were deeply impacted by the horrific event that took place at the Tannery Arts Center.  As a faith community and in cooperation with other churches we were asking how we can respond and be an agent for healing and wholeness in our broken community.  Jesus called his disciples to be known by their love. He consistently showed compassion for those in pain.

A Fund has been set up on behalf of the Churches of Santa Cruz County in response to the Madyson Middleton Tragedy. A portion of the funds will go to Maddy’s family for living expenses and the rest will used to assist with Trauma/grief counseling and social/ community services for those effected at the Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz.  There are over 200 families at the Tannery and we are privileged to be a small piece of expressing God’s love to them.

We will be collecting funds this weekend and you all are welcome to contribute.  Santa Cruz Bible Church has agreed to receive and facilitate the funds.  You are welcome to give to through us by clicking the donate button below, at our bonfire Friday evening, or giving us a check, or you are welcome to give directly to Santa Cruz Bible Church in which case it is especially important to put Madyson Middleton in the check memo to make sure it gets to the right place.

Thank you for being a part of extending compassion with us this way.
You can also find more information at servethebay.org.


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