Missio Dei Community

Christmas Eve @ The Farm


On Christmas Eve we are joining our friends and ministry partner, Team Sweaty Sheep, for a unique service of reflection, music, and prayer at the Homeless Garden Projects Natural Bridges Farm.
You can find the farm at Delaware & Shaffer Rd.

At a time in the world and in our culture where there seems to be so much division and unrest, we are excited to participate in an inclusive, family-friendly, sunset Christmas Eve service bringing together Christian, Jewish, & Muslim voices to demonstrate peace and unity through diversity. At a time when we pray for peace on earth and good will toward all, it is a time to reflect on how we can work together for the common good and be peace-makers in the midst of our differences.



Special thanks to The Homeless Garden Project for providing the space for this service…an organization whose value for “the capacity for every individual for growth & renewal” exemplifies the miraculous nature of the holidays.



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