Missio Dei Community

Reading : Luke 12:13-34; 41-48, Matthew 24:45-51

As we spend time discussing parables together, we will also read through parable of Jesus on our time in scripture. This will include not only true parables – stories with beginning, middle, and end – but also similitudes which are much shorter and tell us what the God’s reality is “like.”
Spend time with these parables however you feel led. You can read them all at once, or read 1 on different days. Another option is choosing one that really grabs you and using the below method to spend more time on it and allow God to form you through it.  Regardless of how you use these suggestions, the idea is to be spending at least a few minutes to read the sacred text and for us as a community to be learning together and taking moments to consciously connect with God.

The S.O.A.R.S. model is simply a structure and questions provided to help you in reading the Bible, discovering what it is saying and how to apply it in your life.  You will need access to the Bible, and we recommend a journal and a pen.  Feel free to modify the structure as it benefits you in spending time with God and Scripture.

Day 1 || Sacred Text

Read through the text at least once.  Identify the following (a study Bible and/or commentary helps; Click here for a good online tool for background info).

  • author
    • Who wrote this text and what do you know about them?  How does identifying the author impact how we read and understand the passage?
  • audience / recipient
    • Who is the author writing to and what do we know about them?
  • context
    • What do we know about the historical and cultural events during the time this text was written that inform us on the occasion or catalyst for the writing of this text?
    • Does this passage quote other Scripture or is this specific passage quoted elsewhere in the Bible?
  • What section of the text especially stands out to you or grabs you as you read it?

Day 2 || Observe (part I)

Read through the selected text again.

  • What do you learn about the Trinity (God the Father, God the Son – Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit) from this passage?  What attributes of God’s character are on display?
  • Pray, journal, etc. in response to what this passage reveals about God – thank God for who He is and that He reveals Himself to us.

Day 3 || Observe (part II)

Read through the selected text again.

  • What do you learn about mankind from this passage?  Can you find a common theme from this passage that is relevant to humanity now?
  • How is Jesus’ work on the cross relevant in light of either the passage’s instruction or promise?

Day 4 || Apply

Read through the selected text again.

  • As a Learner: What is your unbelief in this text? What is God calling you to be transformed, confess, surrender to him?
  • As a Missionary: How does this text point you to the sending nature of GOD (who sent you as missionary) for his purposes?
  • As a Servant: Based on what this text says, who in your world needs to be served/loved?
  • As a Family: How does this speak to you within the family of GOD? What does this say about you and your faith family?

Day 5 || Respond

Spend 30-45 minutes interacting with God (i.e., prayer, solitude & silence, creating artifacts/art,singing, etc) in response to the Gospel at work in your life through the text this week.

  • Spend time expressing your thankfulness before God.
  • Listen for anything else God may be saying to you as you interact with him.

Day 6+ || Share

  • In the following days and weeks, share with someone else in your faith circle about what God is teaching you.
  • Look for opportunities to share what God is doing in your life in a culturally appropriate way with friends and family who don’t follow Christ

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