Missio Dei Community

Kin-dom Ethics


It’s an election year. Tensions can be high and social issues are on the forefront of many of our minds for this and other reasons. Join us this fall when we gather for our communion gatherings, times when we discuss our faith journeys and learn together. We’ll tackle difficult issues and process how we view these things, how our sacred text informs our worldviews, where we stand on topics as individuals, and where we as an organization are affected by and land on these issues.
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First we’ll define and discuss the way of the Kin-dom. Then we’ll dive into the issues. Some of the topics we will/may be tackling: criminal justice; patiarchy, gender, and Jesus; sexual ethics; war; economics; creation care; racism; sanctity of life. We recognize there are some hot button isseus there and believe it is important for us to have a venue to discuss these from the angle of faith and do so respectfully.

We always have snackage on hand and childcare is provided as well.
All are welcome and we would love your voice in the conversation, wherever you are on your spiritual journey.
We usually meet a few Sunday evenings per month in Soquel from 6-8 or so. Please check out our calendar to see which rhythm we are practicing this week and when we gather again to practice communion (oneness) with God.

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